And at the Beach…

…and at the beach, a sense of humanity came back to her.  There was something about the way the waves hit the wall, the crash cried out to her.  She looked up, away from the hypnotizing water at the bottom of the stairs, and towards the groups of families strolling by, laughing, talking, playing with their children.  No one could’ve asked for a better Sunday afternoon.  Her skin seemed to soak up every bit of sunshine, infecting her with joy, a joy she hadn’t felt since she was a child…some would call it an ignorant bliss.  This moment, at the top of the wall stairs leading to the ocean, soaking up the sun, with the strong but gentle breeze styling her hair in a way that only her stylist could do, she was blissful.  She slowly started to make her way down the stairs, with arms stretched as wide as she could so that she was touching both the rail and the wall.  The crash of the waves got increasingly louder by the time she was half way down.  A couple more stairs and her feet would touch the water…3…2…1…

“Oye!” a voice yelled from above.  She was already more than halfway submerged in the water, waves hitting her left and right.  She quickly looked up, and to her dismay found the one person who could make her walk back up the stairs.”


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